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TESL Certification TESOL/TESL Certified Instructor
American instructor who owns certification for teaching English
to people who speaks English as their second language.

Instructor in US/PST Instructor in US/MST Instructor in US/CST Instructor in US/EST US Instructor in Latin America US Instructor in Asia
US Instructor in UK, EU Instructor in UK UK Instructor in Asia, Latin Instructor in Canada Instructor in Australia Instructor in EU

CENA introduces you to certified ESL Instructors from all over the world. The instructor provides you private lessons for various purposes, such as: for business, studying abroad, and daily conversation from kids to adults based on their individual skills.

The student remit the Lesson Fee after each lesson 18〜30USD for 50min lesson by PayPal. Student can also remit 5 times fee for 5 times lesson onece. The Remittance charge owe the teacher. After enter CENA, no other payment exists, membership fee and pre-paid point system with limitted period.

Internet English Instructor Study English with the US or UK teacher at your home without traveling abroad !

Skype video and talk on internet connected PC can make you possible to have Private English Lesson with the ESL teacher living abroad.

US ESL teacher becomes your Private Teacher !

CENA introduce you teachers who are available with your convenient time. Then you inform CENA your favorite teacher, CENA arranges Trial Lesson for both. After the Trial Lesson, you can decide to enter the regular lesson with the teacher.

Teacher is fixed during your desirable period, also you can add and change teacher. For regular students, interview of another teacher is free.
Internet English Instructor Private lesson for Business English !
Online private lessons are the best solution for learning business English. It offers you a private environment and pinpoint exercise to acquire functional business English.

Our qualified Instructors are willing to support you one-to-one to resolve the problems of every business occasion, such as Telephone interaction, greeting conversations, introducing yourself or your business, numeric expressions, mail/report/business letter how to, TV conference, presentation, and more.
Bloomsberg TV for latest business news and market information, you can learn the today's expression of the business scene.

             CNN English Express

Far less cost than stay in US,
No moving loss can save your time
High grade teacher makes you advanced
CENA english
...Online Private Lesson
...Internet English Lesson

...ESL teacher becomes your family teacher.
Internet English Lesson Children
Listening ability is formed in infant era. Having the custom to listen the true English makes your children's distinguish ability in listening that cannot never get in Japanese official school. Also that makes progress her or his speaking ability. Don't you think have a life with American true English conversation in your life.
 CENA Online Private English Lesson

Internet English InstructorInternet English Lesson Student CENA Online Private English Lessso is the Skype communication lesson that makes possible between US and Japan useing internet linked Personal Computer. You can have a US ESL teacher, internet private teacher over the orcian.
CENA english
...Online Private Lesson
...Internet English Lesson " Fee "

Trial Lesson

  Admission Fee
( mediation, support, tax )
Lecture Fee
( per 50 minutes )
Fee 18,000 JPY
Support period= 6 months

   ■ JPY price depends on USD-JPY exchange rate.
   ■ No other expense. Text purchaseing is option.
   ■ Admission fee canbe paid by Bank, Credit Card, PayPal.
   ■ Lecture fee canbe paid only by PayPal.
Regular Lesson
 Six privileges for regular members!
1) Yen high rate Merit, now = Lesson fee you pay
   decreases 12% than last year same time.
   2,430JPY= 50minutes lesson (May 01 2011 Rate)

2) After lesson payment for each lecture.
3) Lesson Recording and practicing repeatedly
  Audacity”is recommended for Skype lesson recording!
4) Another teacher's free interview...
   Another teacher if you want, you can have free interview.
Internet English Instructor

 Direct remit to your teacher by PayPal

 After lesson, Student send fee directly by Paypal
 1) After each lesson, preferably within 30min.
 2) Pay directory in US dollars via PayPal.
 3) Make schedule for next during lesson.
 4) CENA can make schedule instead of you.

           。。。if no remmitance, next lesson will be invalid。        PayPal公式ページ

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