Internet Online English Lesson to Japanese

ESL Instructor Registration

CENA academy Web site in Japan

Using your convenient time additional lecture at your home
with PC and Skype
Private lecture of English to Japanese students

CENA academy wants your registration as Internet online ESL native teacher.

CENA mediates you to Japanese learners who want private English lesson with English ESL teacher via internet Skype.

Online ESL Instructor Registration

English type   American English native speaker.
nationality   American
Gender and Age   N/A
(Time Zone)
  EST, CST, Europe and Asia
Internet Speed   More than 1.5 Mbps needed for Download and Upload Speed
Check by
Security software   Must be installed.

  Bachelor or Master's Degree
TESOL/TESL or Teaching Credential and Experience in English.
Certification copy must be attached.

Ability   ・Be accustomed to operating PC.
・Be able to check e-mail and Skype frequently.
・Be able to keep E-mail and Skype logged IN whenever you are online.
・Be aware the time differences between US and JPN, during March to November. Japan doesn’t have Summer Time.
・Be responsible on lesson schedule, a change of lesson date must be quickly inform to student.
Payment   TRIAL LESSON (for new coming student) =  11 USD/ 25 minutes
REGULAR LESSON = 22 USD/ 50 minutes
INTERVIEW (for regular student who wants another teacher) = No Charge

Lesson Time   Basically 50 minutes or 25 minutes
CENA recommends 50min lesson to the students.
Equipment   Personal Computer with Broadband Internet
Headset and Web camera
  Audacity (Sound recorder for Mac OS9/OSX and Windows)
 Copy right   Recorded file of your lesson belongs to you.
PayPal Account   PayPal account is necessary for remittance
Registration fee   Free
...Notice: Registration does not mean to assure you the constant job.
...If you want to quit registration, send e-mail to

Web site status
Nov. 2015
  Target Keyword : " オンライン英会話 " =Online English Conversation",  " TOEIC対策 " =TOEIC preparation,   "英会話 " =English Conversation
Site Access Volume  22,000- 25,000/Y
Impression in Google Organic Search 400,000/Y
Leading Site for Native Teacher Online English Teaching in Japan

Please send your profile and picture to...

Name   Full name
Birthplace   City and State of birth
Current residence   City and State only
Internet Speed   Down Load / Up Load ?? Mbps
Time Zone   UTC ??
Education and Career   Your Education, Qualification and Career
Hobby, Specialty   Your hobby and specialty
Instruction style   Your instruction style
Message   Please appeal your thought
(Picture)   Your favorite one without sunglasses, official or non-official. ...Trimming and texting will be taken care by CENA.

following information is also necessary, but they won’t be display onto Web site.

E-mail address   Your E-mail address
Skype Name   Skype Name for internet lesson
PayPal account   PayPal account and e-mail address for remittance
Available Time   Your available time for lesson

List bellows shows the steps you would follow from introduction to engagement with students.

Student visiting   Student find CENA academy by searching the sites in Google and Yahoo Japan etc.
Screening of the student   CENA academy screen student, whether they are serious candidates for learning English.
Introduction to one another   CENA introduces you the student who meet the available time for lesson each other.
Free Trial Lesson   The student and instructor have Trial Lesson with Skype. . (CENA pays the trial lesson fee for the instructor.)
Final screening   After Trial Lesson, CENA academy reconfirms the student on payment ability, and announces you whether you should proceed.
Regular Lesson   Student and Instructor begin the regular lesson.